About me

    I’m Gloria, a People-Centric Marketing Specialist from Barcelona, based in Limerick, Ireland

    I’ve completed a Degree in Advertising and Public Relations and I also hold a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing Management

    I am passionate about marketing, with over 10 years’ experience working with various well-known businesses. My multidisciplinary expertise is due to having worked initially as a technician and later being promoted as a project manager, managing large-scale customer accounts. I constantly push myself to break a sweat— physically, intellectually, and interpersonally.

    My power

    Passionate about marketing

    My strenght


    My passion, my power






    When you are passionate about a job then you not only love doing it, but you also get results

    My strength
    My experience
    My goal

    Since I was very small, creativity has been my strength.
    I remember that I loved sitting down to draw, dreaming of one day being a painter. Today I’m not a painter, but I put my heart into everything I do, and I consider that marketing has an artistic, creative, and artisan component. Perhaps that is why Marketing has been my lifelong passion.

    During my professional career, I’ve worked for a wide range of companies from different areas, such as e-learning, pharma, transportation, tourism, retail, and sports, among others, which has given me a broad vision of the different sectors of the market and has allowed me to know which marketing strategies are most effective in each industry.

    Having worked as a technician at the beginning, carrying out tasks like SEO positioning, Google Ads campaigns, eCommerce management, video editing, writing content, brochure designing, etcetera, it has helped me become a multidisciplinary professional who not only loves thinking of successful strategies that get results but also enjoys putting them into practice.

    In 2022, after working for three years in a stable position as a marketing project manager in TCPgrup, Barcelona, I’ve decided to embark on the adventure of moving to Ireland.

    And here I am, looking forward to meeting you and being part of your team. I am sure we will learn a lot together.

    My experience is due to having worked in the most challenging companies

    Marketing Project Manager

    Delivering results for a range of client Managing a team of programmers and designers) Developing the marketing strategy to guarantee result Managing the proect calendar to meet deadline Controlling the […]


    Marketing Manager

    Writing of SEO optimized blog articles) Managing Google Ads campaigns oriented to attract result Organizating annual events to show the products in national fair Developing email marketing campaigns with a […]

    Cargotrack System Solution 2018-2019

    Ecommerce Marketing Manager

    Updating ecommerce with products positioned for SEO Designing the commercial brochure Planning annual events for commercial purpose Managing campaigns in Google ad Managing the editorial calendar and social networks

    DH Material Médico2016-2017

    Marketing technician

    Updating content and SEO positioning of e-zigurat.com Managing Google Ads campaigns oriented to attract result Writing content for commercial catalogs for post graduate course Managing webinars to attract leads

    Zigurat Global Institute2015-2016

    Marketing technician

    Managing Google Ads and Google Shopping Campaing Writing content for the blo­g Updating products on the ecommerce Posting content on social media

    People and Fitness2014-2015

    Marketing communications assistant

    Managing social media posts Designing and updating commercial catalog Developing email marketing campaign Shooting and editing commercial videos

    NTIC Master School2013-2014

    Marketing technician

    Designing posters, brochures, banners and rollups Editing corporate and commercial videos Designing logos for clients Building web pages for clients Positioning for SEO web pages for clients

    2009-2010Evolutt Studio

    My experience, my teacher, and them

    It’s a match!

    I can’t wait for working with you

    I would be willing to meet you anywhere. Otherwise, If you prefer, we can schedule an online meeting to talk about how we can match.

    Shall we talk about how to achieve your company goals?