Gloria Carrillo
    Gloria carrillo

    A People-Centric Marketing Specialist focused on getting results

    I will help you make your audience fall in love with you through a person-centered strategy, and improve your business ROI.

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    Match your product to your audience with People-Centric Marketing

    Would you like to make your audience fall in love with your product at first sight?

    I’ll help you to seduce your target by writing the winning love letter that will touch the heart of your customer persona.

    The secret to attracting your audience is first figuring out what their goals, desires, and vital objectives are.

    As in a love affair, the relationship between products and customers consists of a series of phases: friendship – courtship – marriage.

    We can’t offer a product to our target audience without first having a date with them, to find out how they are, how our product can fit in with their needs, and how to design a customized marketing strategy that attracts them to the purchase.

    I’m going to tell you the secret of how to marry your product to your audience and make this marriage last a lifetime.

    My experience is due to having worked in the most challenging companies

    Marketing Project Manager

    Delivering results for a range of client Managing a team of programmers and designers) Developing the marketing strategy to guarantee result Managing the proect calendar to meet deadline Controlling the […]


    Marketing Manager

    Writing of SEO optimized blog articles) Managing Google Ads campaigns oriented to attract result Organizating annual events to show the products in national fair Developing email marketing campaigns with a […]

    Cargotrack System Solution 2018-2019

    Ecommerce Marketing Manager

    Updating ecommerce with products positioned for SEO Designing the commercial brochure Planning annual events for commercial purpose Managing campaigns in Google ad Managing the editorial calendar and social networks

    DH Material Médico2016-2017

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