Marketing Management of UAB Esports Empreses Project project

UAB Esports companies is a branch of UAB Esports, of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, aimed at professionals who want to practice sport near their workplace. From 2019 to 2022, during my career in TCPgrup working as a project manager, I was responsible for managing UAB Esports Empreses project, the main objective of which was to increase the number of enrollments of professionals who worked in companies close to the university. With this goal in main, we launched a line aimed at professionals called UAB Esports Empreses, which promised to offer a different style of sport, with outdoor and indoor facilities and access to countless sports activities. To publicize the new line to the target audience, we launched a special campaign based on offering free registration to all new customers as well as free admission for one day to the facilities and activities. In particular, in the project shown, I was responsible for:

  • Leading the corporate branding design

  • Writing the corporate video script

  • Thinking and design the special launch campaign

  • Managing social networks to reach the target audience

  • Performing analytical reports to measure the impact of the campaign

UAB Esports Empreses logo
UAB Esports Empreses video
UAB Esports Empreses banner